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Stephanie Lee LMSW

I work with children, families and individuals to help them overcome trauma, learn new skills, or to be the best version of themselves. It is my goal that I understand your story and support you on your journey to healing and growing.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is for someone who desires to improve their quality of life or work toward a goal of change. Individual therapy is a safe place to be able to talk about your hopes, dreams and fears without worrying about how others will react. Individual therapy can help with anxiety, stress, depression, anger, family or parenting concerns, life changes, trauma, and relationship issues just to name a few. 

Therapy with children and teens

Therapy with children varies by age.Children express themselves best through play, so play therapy techniques are most effective at helping children process and learn. Teens, especially in our modern world, struggle with many issues at once. Sometimes they just need a safe place to work through their worries or help navigating their ever changing world.

Family Therapy

Communication within a family can be difficult, especially as children grow and roles change. Family therapy can help each family member understand themselves better as well as the role that they have within the family. Family therapy can also help with other stressful events.

Hello! I’m Stephanie

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I feel that everyone could benefit from therapy at one time or another in their lives, sometimes just for a few sessions and sometimes for longer.  I believe that therapy  helps us discover our inner strengths and grow from our experiences. I am passionate about assisting others in a safe, non-judgmental environment. 

As a licensed Clinical Social Worker, I use strengths based approaches to help you and your family find your way to a happier, more peaceful life. I have experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, Trauma, Psychotherapy (Individual Therapy), Mindfulness, and other therapeutic interventions. 

I have worked with individuals, children, and families. I am LGBTQ friendly.

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My Expertise


I am currently working towards my trauma certificate at Michigan State University. I strive to not only be trauma informed but to also help you work through your trauma. I will be continuing my education on trauma by taking classes/trainings as well as reading the most up to date literature as often as possible to increase my knowledge base. 

Parenting Support

Parenting is not easy and it does not come with a parenting manual. If you feel that you need some extra support in your parenting or maybe you would like to learn some new techniques, I have had several years of experience helping parents navigate parenthood. 

Anxiety and Depression

Healing and growing beyond anxiety and depression is something that is very important to me. I try to stay as up to date as possible by attending trainings/conferences and reading. I gravitate towards Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but I also use other approaches if that does not fit with you. 

Getting Started is Easy


Free 20 Min Chat

If you have questions and want to see if we are a good fit, give me a call. We can chat for a few minutes over the phone and decide if we want to proceed with making an appointment. 

Book Appointment

Call, email or use my online patient portal to book an appointment. 

1st Session!

Fill out paperwork ahead of time online, just show up with yourself, your ID and insurance card(s). No pressure, no worries!

My Approach

I use a variety of approaches to help you and your family find your way to a happier, more peaceful life. I work with you to meet your goals in a way that is realistic for you. Change and growth is necessary, but I try to help you make changes that fit your life so that you can see real growth and continued success in life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurances do you accept?

I currently accept the following insurances:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Blue Care Network
  • Meridian Health Plan
  • Priority Health (with prior authorization)
  • United Behavioral Health/United Health Care
  • Multiplan Inc
  • Beacon
  • McLaren Commercial
  • Medicaid (Blue Cross Complete, McLaren, Meridian)
  • Medicare
  • Private Pay

How much does therapy cost?

This depends on your insurance. Some insurances do not have a copay or deductible and some do. It is your responsibility to find out. Call the toll free number on the back of your insurance card and ask about “Outpatient Mental Health Benefits” or “Behavioral Health Benefits”. You can then ask your insurance company what your coinsurance/copay/deductible is.  

Will you fix me/my child/my family?

No. I cannot fix anyone. I am here to help you/ your child/your family learn new skills, repair relationships and mend past pains, but I don’t do the work. I help guide and teach new skills, but you have to show up and be ready to do the work- inside and outside of the office. 

What do people come to therapy for?

Sometimes our coping skills just are not working anymore and we need to brush up on those old skills or learn new skills. Maybe you just had a big transition in your life and need to process that. Some people come for a few sessions and some stay for years. It depends on you and what you want to work on. 

How long does therapy last?

I typically schedule for a 53 minute session in case we run over but we can do 45 minute sessions if you prefer or need due to scheduling. I typically see clients once a week but that can be increased or decreased, depending on need and availability. 

Contact Me

Ask a question or book an appointment below. For emergencies call 911 or visit your nearest hospital